New Address Request & Road/Driveway Access

Carroll County Zoning is contracted to assist our 911 service by issuing address numbers  for properties under Carroll County's Jurisdiction (this does not include property inside city/village limits).  If you own property in the county and need an address issued please call 815-244-0254 to fill out a Request for New Address Sign or Replacement.  The form can be filled out over the phone or sent back by email or regular mail.

The county uses a green reflective marker that will be posted on site after an address request is made.  In the event a sign is damaged or lost you will need to request a new replacement sign using the same application.

It is the legal responsibility of a property owner to make request and receive approval for any work that is to be preformed in the ROW (right-of-way) of any road way.  This includes creating or improving driveway access to a property, a requirement that must be met as a part of the Building Permit Application Process.     An access permit or a Driveway Access Affidavit should be completed when a building permit is being requested that requires new access.  Listed below is a list of Township Road Commissioner contact information, State IDOT contact information and a link to the Carroll County Highway Department.

Township Road Commissioner Contact Information
State of Illinois Highway Right of Way Permits
Carroll County Highway Department