Zoning Violations, Complaint Form & Enforcement

 ENFORCEMENT: Upon receiving and verifying knowledge of an ordinance violation, through a formal Zoning Complaint, a written notice will be issued to the owner of property. A written notice will include a reasonable time frame to bring the violation into compliance.  In cases which cannot be resolved at this administrative level, an ordinance violation suit may be filed in the Circuit Court by the Civil Division of the State’s Attorney’s Office.  After a zoning violation hearing the property owner may be subject to fines of $500 for each week of non-compliance thereafter.

Carroll County, IL has several nuisance and/or pollution control ordinances.  The three most common include:

1.) Chapter 740 Hazardous Dilapidated Motor Vehicles

2.) S
ection 700-15.06  Refuse

All waste material, debris, refuse or garbage not disposed of through other means shall be kept in an enclosed building or properly contained in a closed container designed for such purposes.  The owner of vacant land shall be responsible for keeping such land free of refuse.

Section 700-15.02  Residential Feature Protections
No activity or operation shall be established or maintained which by reason of its nature or manner of operation will cause the emission of noise, odor, toxic or noxious fumes, smoke, or dust and particulate matter in such concentration as to be detrimental to or endanger the public health, welfare, comfort, and safety or cause injury to property or business.