Noxious Weed Notice

Notice is here by given, pursuant to the ILLINOIS NOXIOUS WEED LAW Title 8, Chapter 1ILLINOIS NOXIOUS WEED LAW Title 8, Chapter 1 Sub.f  PART 220, that all owners, occupants, agents or parties in charge of land within the jurisdiction of Carroll County, IL are responsible for the control and eradication of NOXIOUS WEEDS growing upon their land.As a part of this act NOXIOUS WEEDS include: Ragweed, Musk-Thistle, Canada Thistle, Sow-Thistle, Sorghum Almum, Marijuana and Johnson Grass.

Failure to comply may result in Carroll County, or a representative of IL State Department of Agriculture, to take action to enforce. Fines and/or costs incurred will be applied against persons and their property.  Questions or complaints can be directed to the Carroll County Zoning Office.