Zoning & Building

The Zoning & Building Office is open during normal courthouse hours. Public Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. For qualifying holidays see our County Calendar. There are occasions where the office is closed during normal courthouse hours to complete field work.  When possible please call ahead to schedule an appointment.  Applications, requests and questions can be submitted at anytime and will be answered in the order they are received.  A new option is now available for ONLINE APPLICATIONS.

Thank you,
Jeremy Hughes
Zoning, Building & GIS Administrator
Phone: (815) 244-0254
Email: mapping@carrollcountyil.gov

Mailing Address:
Carroll County Zoning / GIS 
P.O. Box 227
Mt. Carroll, IL61053

Listed within the Sub Menu are the most common ordinances, applications and documents.

PUBLIC INFORMATION SERVICE. Carroll County Zoning cannot give legal advice on how citizens should proceed under the requirements of the zoning ordinance, special flood hazard areas ordinance, and subdivision regulations. It does, however, maintain a public information service to provide information concerning the regulations. The Department maintains records on all zoning and subdivision activity on tracts of land in the County and maintains aerial photographs of all areas in the County.  Carroll County Zoning, Subdivision Ordinance and other important documents are available for review and download on this website .